Sunday, March 28, 2010

Into the Flow ...

We spill out,
like primordial ooze
into the cracks
and crevices of our differences.

In every direction we spread,
but our bulk stays together,
driven from one gorge to another
in time to an unseen beat.

Our brief moments of thought,
get locked into position,
like dogs caught fighting
over some insignificant morsel.

We, who can create,
long before we can understand,
and yet understand
so much less than we can know.

A species lost between
our origins and our destiny,
but hardly ready for
carrying our ultimate grace.

Hopeful and hopeless,
bright and dim,
foolish and foolhardy,
we keep traveling.

Never to forget,
that even in the darkest corners,
we still need to stop, to think
and to appreciate our essence.

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