Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Platitudes are just poor advice wrapped in a sugary coating. Easy to generate, easy to digest, yet impossible to utilize.

For every opinion, right or wrong, smart or stupid, sane or crazy, there is at least one person holding on to it.

The only problem we can’t collectively solve is ourselves.

Human intelligence is clearly more advanced than a dog’s, but less than it ought to be, and far less than we believe it is.

We’re only as smart as our average behavior; whatever spikes we get are quickly leveled by our other moments.

Self-centered people often miss the fact that their misery is caused by their obsession.

The shallower we go, the faster things will fall apart.

A good example is far more noble than just giving in to the norm; they are their own reward and they are worth far more than any pile of stuff, even if the world hasn’t noticed yet.

Faith is blindly following people based on their word, science is blindly following people based on their interpretation of limited observations.

We invent technology decades before we know how to use it, and we use it decades before we realize that we shouldn’t have.

It is questionable whether or not our limited intelligence is significant enough for us to out evolve all of the perils of which it has made us aware.

An average person will look at their successes and infer that they are smarter than most people, whereas an intelligent person will look at their failures and infer that they are human.

Wisdom is knowing when to end a blog post. Foolishness is adding another sentence.