Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Joy of Sharing

Of course it is. Our future is clearly determined by the path we choose to walk. And we humans -- as we all so well know -- have the capacity to rise above all other animals because of our superior intellect and civility. Of all our admirable higher-order attributes, none stands so far above our primitive origins than our innate ability to share.

It is in those simple acts of selfless behavior that we truly rise above our animistic origins and make good on all of our internal might and potential. That is why it is such a treat, no, pleasure, when one of our fellows choose to go above and beyond just sharing. I mean, sharing of the possessions is enough, sharing of ideas is plenty, but those marvelous humans that we so love to encounter go beyond this all by not just idly sharing the good, they also choose to share the bad as well.

Nothing is more impressive than someone willing to share their problems with you. Why, the other day, in a crowded downtown neighborhood, someone was clearly having problems parking their car and trailer. That's right, they had a U-haul trailer attached, and in the tight cramped streets, where there is barely enough room to park a car, and there are huge space consuming snowbanks everywhere, what's a poor driver to do? This one choose to share. Right across several driveways, they found the perfect spot. They shared their problem so well, that one of the poor owners of one of the poor driveways, was entirely unable to get his car out, making him late for whatever it was that he deemed necessary. And they continued to share by making sure they were entirely unavailable to move their vehicle. What truly sweet beings.

Of course, you also have to love those people on the subway who share their inability to get a seat. Yep, they get right there in the doorway, just below the large, bold, "Do not block the Doorway" signs and share their presence with every one trying to get on or off. Even in the circumstance of there being considerably more room in the middle of the subway-car for them to carefully stand and not block anything, they stick to their passion and connect with people from getting on or off. They are truly wonderful people, only out-matched when it is one of the smaller model doorways that only let one and a half people through being so thoughtfully shared by a couple of these kind souls in tandem. Now that's working together for the good of mankind. It it that type of un-adulterating sharing that truly makes any city's subway, "The Better Way", just as the marketers have been sharing with us for so long.

Truly though, these trivial inconvenience sharings are nice, but really the best sharing comes from those just in a bad mood. Nothing is more noble than distributing that dark cloud hanging over your head to as many nearby people as possible. The sharing of angst, anger or frustration is a true gift, particularly if you can pass on exactly what you are experiencing. Why not pick a fight, or berate someone senselessly. Just a simple sneer might do. These things people don't expect, so a sudden emotional gift is sure to do wonders. If this type of sharing involves a car or two, or possibly an executive and some commands, then it reaches a kind of sharing orgasm, where the sharer can proudly effect huge lots of other people, or cause a major conflict or war or something all because of their gift. That is always a truly wonderful occasion.

What noble greatness so often comes from one sharing their distemper. We are bombarded by such grandiose acts of sharing through-out various parts of the world, where the citizens manage to rise so far above just being an animal, and in a great effort share their problems with so many around them. With these awesome acts of kindness, it is not hard to picture our societies going on forever, growing and sharing as they fulfill the full potential of those poor simians who ventured just a little too far away from their tree in search of more food. Our path away from those barren branches is ever towards greatness. The kind that we can share with planet and all its other species around us. Aren't we something.

I just thought I would share that with you, so hopefully you don't share it with too many others.

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