Friday, November 2, 2007

Foolishly Smart

I'm such a fool. No, really I am. I keep daydreaming that if I write a really good post, one that is entertaining and worthwhile people will actually come to think that I am smart. You know, if indirectly I write that I am smart, then people will believe it, and so in the end I will be smart. But alas, no. I probably can't write something smart enough to get beyond my own foolishness.

It would be nice to be famous just for being famous. There are certainly a lot of examples of that going around; that has to be the craziest thing ever. If you can exploit being famous, then you can get the freedom to do the things in your life that you put off because you are too busy not being famous. Or does fame eat too much of your time? Perhaps, I should just settle for rich? Or do I have to get famous to find a quick way to get rich? I am certainly getting too old to spend too much time trying to get rich the slow way.

Still, I can't help thinking that people will listen to me if I am famous, and if I am smart I can figure out how to get famous, and if I do that then people will actually think I am smart. Which would be a very smart thing to accomplish, wouldn't it? Oh well. If you want, you can make me famous for having written about how foolish I am, but if you do then I am no longer foolish, I am smart, which would make you smart too, wouldn't it?

How smart is that? (Don't answer :-)


  1. Thanks for the feedback, its so hard to know if people find it amusing or not. :-)

  2. being smart or famous,I don't care.
    For me it's being rich which is important.
    Not for wordly pleasures.
    But in order to do what I want,in today's world,It's very necessary to be rich.
    I strongly believe this.

  3. I agree. I'm not really sure I want to be famous, but I would really appreciate gaining my freedom from the rat race. There are so many crazy ideas I would like to pursue, so many crazy places I want to visit...

  4. brillant. i love it.contemplative. to the point by not being to the point. you sir, are a tortured soul as i.

  5. the more you know, you more you know the extent of that which you dont